The system that’s revolutionizing the way you learn how to dance and taking advantage

     of the power of your brain.

   The Future of Learning to Dance

   Now at Your  Finger Tips


   Discover the benefits of learning to dance on and off class,

   with or without any prior dance experience.



Learn styling techniques that will make you look and feel better

Learn following techniques that will allow you to tell the difference between different leads and allow you to dance with different types of dancers in any type of dance

Leading will allow you to guide your partner and make your partner feel comfortable and confident about your dancing

Learn Footwork which will allow you to be more confident when dancing.

Learn the timing of the music and be able to adlib with every peace of music you listen to.

 Benefits of dancing in your everyday life

      Keep your memory young!Can you repeat that again?

 Forward step close back step close!
Keep your mind alert, young and quick.
Recalling steps and routines is a great mental
exercise that will help exercise your brain.
      Have Fun :)
Let’s not forget the most important
benefit of dance. Though, it can be
very frustrating at times to learn
something new. Dancing should a
fun experience.Dancing help  
releases endorphin’s which are
responsible for Analgesia and a
feeling of well-being


     i Have Friends!! 

Become more social – Studies have
shown that high self esteem can be
produced from socializing. While
dancing you learn how to communicate
with your body in a social setting.
This will help you be more relax and
comfortable in any social setting. 

   Got Milk? or Dance?

While dancing you help lubricate your
joints which help prevent arthritis. 
While dancing you can also help avoid
osteoporosis especially in women that
are in post meno-pause where you would
see a significant drop in estrogen.
     Stay young forever! 
Dancing is tremendously beneficial in
keeping us young. It retards the aging
process immensely. It benefits our heart,
cardiovascular system and increases our
lung capacity. Fact: The muscle exertion
and breathing rates of dancers performing
in one dance competition is equivalent to
those of cyclists, swimmers and an
Olympic-level 800-meter runner

     I am not WEAK!

Build Muscle- While dancing you
can create force against the floor,
your own body weight, and with your
frame which all help strength different
muscles in your body. 

How can our dance class help you?

Have you tried to learn to dance before? Have you gotten frustrated of the way the class was structured our taught? This is something very common that we hear from students that come from other classes.
How can I get my partner to enjoy dancing with me? Many times couples have issues because one of the two enjoys dancing, but the other doesn’t. Many times is more of a defense mechanism that is geared by the fact that the partner doesn’t want to be corrected in that type of setting. Making your partner understand that dancing can be a great benefit to you both as a couple can be a start. We encourage for you to bring your partner and have patients with them as they learn how to dance.


During the holiday season you may find yourself in a time of stress and depression. The holidays present a number of demands — parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining, just to name a few. With dancing, you can minimize the stress that accompanies the holidays. Dancing lets all the stress levels in your life take a back seat as you focus on moving your body in time to the music.


I feel like I’m old to learn how to dance. Any one at any age, and at any level can start dancing. Learning to dance should be thought of a fun experience that will help you become a better more complete person, no matter how old you are.
In this New Year do you want to make changes in your life? You may want to,improve yourself, learn something new, or the most common New Year’s resolution, to lose weight? These are all things that can be done through dance lessons and practicing.
You were invited to a wedding and you don’t want to look awkward on the dance floor. This is a great opportunity for you to learn to dance and enjoy your time at this specials event.


Do you think you will look awkward when learning to dance? Many times you are your worst judge. Even though you may feel like you look awful, you might actually be doing really well. Either way, we can always help improve your skills.


YOU HATE BEING WRONG? Allot of people feel that it can be stressful to be corrected in a group setting. We would never put you on the spot and address mistakes as a group. When students make a mistake in a class, we address it by illustrating common mistakes to the group, because most of the time others are making the same mistake this helps the entire class correct the mistakes without making the student standout.  When we do address individual 
mistakes we will be with you individually.



Why is our dance system so effective?

 Our system of dancing allows the student to not just learn to dance salsa, but learn how to dance to any music, and lead and follow any partner.

By having a dance level system, videos, and classes, Zapata Entertainment uses different resources for you to get the most out of your lessons.

First let’s go over the different ways you can learn to dance.


Three effective ways of learning

How we teach


Yoga Will Help you


           Reduce Stress                                           Become more Flexible for your dancing         Better Health



About the instructors